Thursday, December 14, 2017

Three Tire Pressure Misconceptions That Could Be Damaging Your Tires

Keeping your tires in good shape is one of the most important aspects of car maintenance. After all, the slightest inaccuracy with tire pressure can affect safety, handling, and the fuel economy of your vehicle. In fact, according to the Department of Energy, underinflated tires can lower gas mileage by 0.2 percent for every 1 psi drop. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of false information out there about ideal tire inflation, which in turn causes a lot of damage and a tire replacement bill that can cost about $400 annually. Auto service technicians warn you not to fall for these myths to keep safe on the road.
The TPMS Is All You Need to Maintain Pressure
While the tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is a helpful feature, it is not the fool proof tool you’re hoping it to be. The TPMS is designed to electronically track and display pressure on the gauge and warn drivers if the tires are underinflated. This has unfortunately lulled a lot of non “tire smart” drivers into a false sense of security. However, the system will only signal you if the tires reach a dangerously low tire pressure or lose about 25 percent of their inflation pressure. Driving on underinflated tires significantly reduces maneuverability and cornering ability. It also causes unnecessary wear and gallons of wasted fuel.
Recommended Tire Pressure Is Found on the Tire
It’s important to know what the correct tire pressure is for a particular vehicle for proper inflation. Unfortunately, many drivers think that the tire sidewall is where to find that crucial detail. In truth, those digits you find there only tell you what size and type of tire it is, as well as the maximum cold inflation PSI rate of the car. To find the recommended tire pressure, it’s best to consult your car’s owner manual. Alternatively, you can look at the inside of the driver side door. There should be a label there that lists the correct pressure.
Overinflated Tires Improve Vehicle Performance
Some drivers think that keeping tires inflated above the recommended pressure will improve the car’s performance and fuel consumption. In truth, overinflating your tires is just as dangerous as underinflating them, if not more so. Running on tires that have been inflated above the ideal pressure results in reduced handling and an overall bumpier ride. There is also a risk that the tire could burst. Both scenarios put you and your passengers at great peril. Worse still, overinflating hardly ever affects how much you spend on gas.
The best way to care for your tires is by using a digital tire gauge and filling them up to specification every month. Replacing your tires once they no longer function properly is also a good habit to get into.
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Helpful Tips on Buying a Car with Help from Bad Credit Car Dealerships

Falling into bad credit has a lot of serious financial consequences. Sometimes, though, it just happens anyway no matter how much care you put into managing your accounts. It could be that unnecessary expenses suddenly came up or a business folded. Whatever the reason may be, having a negative score on your credit report can prevent you from successfully completing even the most basic and simplest of transactions such as buying a car.

Contrary to popular belief, however, being in the red or having bad credit should not automatically disqualify you from owning a car. Here are some tips you may find useful especially if you’re thinking of buying your own vehicle despite the poor credit record.

Mind the Interest Rates

Knowing the current status of interest rates as applied for the auto industry is going to be relevant to you at this particular time because it will directly affect the cost of the vehicle you’re going to buy. At the very least, you should do your research on this matter so that you can better prepare for it.

Buying a car, whether used or brand new, will certainly have hidden costs attached to it. Especially because you are seeking to buy a vehicle even with bad credit, you should be all the more careful as to how much it will set you back. Do note that one of the consequences of having bad credit is that you’ll most likely have a higher interest rate, so make sure to double check this detail thoroughly before committing to anything.

Stick to Basics

Would you prefer having a car with leather seats, top of the class speakers, or maybe even a moonroof, and other upgraded features and accessories? Well, the fact of the matter is that you cannot afford these things right now because of your bad credit. If buying a car is such an urgent need for you right now such that you will fight tooth and nail just to overcome the disadvantage of having poor credit, then focus on this first.

These features are nice to have and all, but you don’t need them per se. The car will still run without it, and it will still get you to where you need to go even if you don’t have flashy gadgets in it. You can work on adding these accessories and extras later on, but it would be best if you wait it out until you’ve actually improved your credit rating.

Work with Professionals

One thing that could make your car purchase a lot easier is to work with professionals. Whether or not you have bad credit, it’s going to be important that you go to trusted car dealerships. Not only can they help you find the right car for you, but they can also help you iron out the issues with your financial capacity to buy a car.

Fortunately, there are bad credit car dealerships out there, such as McLoughlin Chevrolet, that do provide sound advice for folks looking to buy a car even if they have bad credit. Not only that, but it also proves to be very convenient for you to have a dealership that offers other important services crucial to your after-purchase care for your car.

About McLoughlin Chevrolet:

McLoughlin Chevrolet is a proud auto service provider for GM and Chevrolet vehicles. Not only do we make sure to give nothing but quality car service, but we also aim to give our clients a smooth car buying experience.


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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Portland Diesel Trucks: 6 Tips for Preparing Your Truck for the Winter

If your diesel truck has endured a couple winters or so, you probably know that the cold weather presents some unique challenges to your vehicle of choice. To reduce vehicle downtime and  ensure your truck makes it through the season’s lowest temperatures without a hitch, you need to take certain precautions with your truck. Your Portland dealer of diesel trucks has prepared for you a checklist of the preventive measures you can use to help your truck make it to spring without enduring too much wear.

Test Your Batteries

How old is your battery? Typically, a battery on a diesel truck will last three to five years. Winter has a way of depleting weak batteries, so to avoid being stranded, test the health of your batteries or have your trusted mechanic perform it.

Check Your Coolant

If the coolant fluid freezes, serious damage can occur in your engine, so it’s important to ensure this doesn’t happen. Diesel engines need a 50/50 mix of water and antifreeze to protect against freezing. If you’re not sure about the mixture, drain the fluid and replace it with the correct mix. Better yet, have your mechanic do it for you.

Use a Winter Additive

Diesel fuel contains paraffins, which can cause your fuel to harden into a gel-like state during freezing temperatures. Gelling can clog the fuel system and cause the engine to shut down. Additionally, water and moisture can accumulate inside diesel systems during winter, which can freeze and clog the lines. You can take care of both by treating your fuel tanks with additives that prevent both paraffin and water related issues.

Inspect Your Tires

Truck owners tend to overlook their tires during routine winter vehicle maintenance checks. Don’t make the same mistake. Inspect the treads AND the sidewalls for any signs of damage. Sidewall damage cannot be repaired, so if you see serious cuts, bubbles or gashes, replace the tire immediately. As for addressing the weather, your truck will benefit from snow tires, but the type you need to buy should follow the conditions you expect to endure.

Replace Your Fuel Filter

The fuel filter is where freezing commonly occurs in a diesel engine. That’s because of the minimal amount of diesel that the fuel filter holds when the truck sits overnight. Although replacing your fuel filter for winter doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have gelling problems, it does reduce the chances, considering that you could be replacing a cartridge that’s old and partially clogged beforehand.

Go over Your Windshield

The windshields on diesel trucks are built to withstand nature’s harshest elements, but even the tiniest damage can easily worsen during extremely low temperatures. You probably already know that windshield cracks occur more often during the winter. Minor windshield damage can actually be repaired, so be sure to go over yours thoroughly.
You can have all these checks done for you by a reliable service center for diesel trucks in Portland, such as McLoughlin Chevy. Bring your truck in today and have the peace of mind knowing that your truck can handle the cold temperatures that lie ahead.


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Sunday, December 10, 2017

A First Timer’s Guide: 4 Simple Tips for Acquiring New Cars for Sale

Shopping around for a brand new car can be a fun experience for many people. However, it can also be a difficult experience for first-time car buyers. If this is the first time you will purchase a new car, know that there are several steps you can take to ensure you will find and purchase the best car for your wants, needs, and budget. Some of these steps include:

Get Pre-approved for a Car Loan

More often than not, buyers will need to take out a car loan in order to acquire new cars for sale. Since you already know that you will need financing for your purchase, it would be a good idea to visit your bank and apply for pre-approval. Not only does getting pre-approved help expedite the purchasing process, but it also lets you know the maximum amount of money your lender is willing to provide you with, helping you establish your budget.

Consider Your Immediate and Future Needs

Whether this will be your first car or a new one to replace the car your parents gave you, it’s a good idea to consider both your immediate and future requirements before you visit a trusted dealership like Mcloughlin Chevrolet. This is because you can easily identify what type of car you’ll need, saving you valuable time looking at cars that do not fit the bill. For example, if you already have young children, it may be a wise move to buy a spacious SUV now for when the kids get older. Avid outdoorsmen may want to look into buying a new truck that has enough horsepower to tow a sizeable trailer.

Pay Close Attention to Safety Features

It’s easy to be dazzled with the extra features a car has. After all, it really is amazing how technological advances have allowed us to put GPS, rear-view cameras, and other features into our vehicles. However, take the time to carefully go over the safety features of each car that catches your eye. Airbag location(s), ABS, and other safety features are vital in keeping you and your passengers safe on the road in the event of an accident.

Go for a Test Drive

Even if you are buying a new sedan to replace your current one, this does not guarantee that you will find driving the new sedan to be the same experience. This is why you should take advantage of test drive offers from your chosen dealership. Be sure to drive a few miles before returning the vehicle to get a good feel for how the car operates. If driving that car feels uncomfortable, try different new cars for sale until you find a few that feel natural to operate.

About Mcloughlin Chevrolet: Mcloughlin Chevrolet is a respected auto dealership serving Portland and other nearby areas. We offer some of the best deals on both brand new and used vehicles in the area, and are always happy to go the extra mile to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.


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Friday, November 10, 2017

Auto Service Technicians: Five Bad Habits That Are Racking Up Your Maintenance Expenses

As the years go by, you will no doubt develop certain habits while you operate your car. While a few of these mannerisms make driving more convenient for you, some might be causing damage to your car. You may then begin to wonder why your visits to your local mechanic is increasing in frequency. Professional auto service technicians serving Portland reveal the top five destructive quirks you should stop doing now.
Not Getting the Engine Warmed Up
Those of you who always run late when going to work or school are sometimes guilty of this. In your hurry to rev up the engine and pull out of the driveway, you are stressing out your engine and its components. Allow your engine at least 60 seconds to warm up after starting the car. This simple action helps along the distribution of oil and gets the oil temperature at the right level for optimum performance.
Ignoring the Check Engine Light
It’s safe to say that most inexperienced drivers are accustomed to doing this. After all, if the vehicle is still running well, why should one worry about the pesky blinking light on the dash? What they don’t know, however, is that a check engine light is a warning that should be taken seriously. Even a small problem like a loose gas cap can cause a staggering annual loss of 147 million gallons of gas due to its quicker evaporation.
Keeping a Hand on the Shifter
This one’s common for drivers who prefer cars with manual transmission. While that extra second you save when switching gears makes your drive a bit easier, it takes a toll on the transmission’s bushings and synchronizers. Over time, this leads to premature wear that could be expensive to fix. It’s best to keep both hands on the wheel if you don’t intend to change gears.
Letting the Tank Run Too Low
How often do you fill up the tank? If you’re one of those few car owners who like to drive until there’s less than a quarter fuel in the tank, then you are putting your fuel pump at risk. Many fuel pumps in cars today are kept cool by the fuel they are submerged in. If the tank’s always almost empty before you gas up again, there’s a big chance that you might need to replace the fuel pump in the near future. Keeping your car fueled up can really save you a lot of trouble.
Disregarding the Service Schedule
In your owner’s manual, you will find a preventative maintenance schedule. This sheet of paper is the key to keeping your car running efficiently for the longest time possible. It will also help you avoid the more expensive repairs you might encounter. Do your best not to miss your appointment with the technicians so they can inspect the essential parts and components in time. That said, you should also not neglect any warning signs you see when you drive. If there are strange vibrations and sounds, don’t hesitate to bring the car around.

About McLoughlin Chevrolet
McLoughlin Chevrolet is known around Portland for its extensive inventory of new and used Chevrolet and GM cars. In our dealership, we do everything to help buyers with their needs, whether it’s with financing or auto service. We can assist you with everything from routine maintenance to car trade-ins.
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